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Mint Wienerz

You can mint 1 Wienerz per wallet.
Don't be greedy, like the people who hoarded toilet paper during the pandemic. Wtf was that about..?

Wienerz will be revealed instantly
Click the cart below to mint!!

SOLD OUT! All Wienerz are gone!

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The Hotdog Cart

Wienerz is a community focused NFT project. Screenshot this so we can never go back on our word.

  • Full IP rights over the NFT you mint. Modify it, sell it, eat it. Do whatever you want with it.
  • 5% Creator Fee
  • Whale Safeguards. Let's feed as many people as possible, save some Wienerz for others.
  • Limited release. 5,000 total will ever be released.
  • 500 Wienerz will be reserved.
  • Verified Contract. 100% all beef. No filler. View Contract on Etherscan
  • 381,587,576,851 possible combinations.
  • 19 ultra rare one-of-one available.
  • No whitelist.


What is the mint cost for these, 'Wienerz'?
Nothing. They are free. F-R-E-E. FREE!!
When Can I Mint?
When the water is boiled, you can mint.
What does that last answer even mean?
Ugh.. Okay. Some people cook hotdogs or "Wienerz" in water. When the water is done boiling, you can mint. It was meant to be funny... but if you had to read this, obviously you didn't get it. Maybe you should sit this one out?
What does the W in FAWQ stand for?
Wienerz. The W is for Wienerz...
What is the Utility of these Wienerz?
First off, why are you coming at me like that? Second, they are free. Is that utility enough for you, Batman?
What are NFTs?
You're joking, right? Right? GTFO.
I missed the mint, where is the secondary market?
Probably in the usual places: Opensea. Rarible. Looksrare. Christie's.
Where are the Bunz?
Listen here... Inflation has required us to make some cuts. You're not getting any Bunz today.

Pack of Wienerz

wiener 1
Wiener One
Developer / Chef
wiener 2
The toppings
wiener 3
The Ketchup